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(2019-now) Lead Software Engineering Consultant - Thoughtworks Link to heading

São Paulo, Brazil

  • Development of backend software in Python, Java and Ruby, ranging from banking to streaming media management;
  • Planning and implementation of software delivery pipelines, enforcing shift-left quality culture, independent deployability and observability in a variety of business environments;
  • Consulting, stakeholder management and roadmap planning for improving delivery of software across several organizations.

(2018-2019) Systems Specialist - Locaweb Link to heading

São Paulo, Brazil

  • Creation of cloud services such as Windows-based Virtual Private Servers (VPS);
  • Refactoring of legacy cloud backend and infrastructure applications;
  • Assisting discontinuation of legacy services.

(2017-2018) Software Developer - Codus Tecnologia Link to heading

São Paulo, Brazil

  • Evolution and maintenance of a leading online wine retailer in Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL in Heroku platform;
  • Creation of a B2B MVP to a major financial market player with Ruby on Rails in a Docker Swarm environment.

(2016-2017) Freelance software developer - Self-employed Link to heading

São Paulo, Brazil

  • Designed and implemented integration for industrial automation solutions for remote international clients;
  • Design and developed web-based solutions to small businesses with Python/Django.

(2014-2016) Software developer - INDT Microsoft Link to heading

Manaus, Brazil

  • Planned and created tools for digital image quality analysis using image recognition algorithms;
  • Implemented and shipped image processing solutions to printer drivers on Linux, Mac and Windows.

(2011-2014) Software developer - INDT Nokia Link to heading

Manaus, Brazil

  • Implemented and delivered Digital TV for Nokia X platform;
  • Designed, implemented and shipped Nokia/HERE Transit for Series 40 (Nokia Asha) for a global release;
  • Implemented and shipped SMS-Based solution to thousands of Nokia Series 30 mobile phones;
  • Helped junior team members to understand agile development and tutored them on best software engineering practices.

(2007-2011) Software Developer, Software architect - Teclogica Link to heading

Blumenau, Brazil

  • Implemented Warehouse Management System with full automation to the largest tobacco company in the world;
  • Maintained and refactored the architecture of a large (500+ users) distributed Harvest Management System for Linux servers and Windows Mobile clients while in production;
  • Design, planning and implementation of Android tablet solution to construction industry;
  • Designed and implemented tools for CMMI level 2 & 3 certification.

(2001-2007) Software Developer - Various Link to heading


  • Designed, implemented and shipped commercial software, ranging from PoS, CRM to ERP backend;
  • Taught Java and general programming courses for undergraduates.
  • JSP/Servlets & Struts solutions
  • Visual Basic & VBA plugins for MS Office products
  • Database programming with PL/SQL
  • PHP 3 & 4 web solutions

Skills Link to heading

  • Languages: Java, Ruby, Python, C, C++, Rust
  • Databases: MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQLServer
  • Tools: Git, Docker, Kubernetes, several CI/CD solutions
  • Practices: Agile, Code Review, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, TDD

Education Link to heading

(2016) Master’s in Computer Science Link to heading

Federal University of Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil

Computer science, Robotics & Computer Vision Lab

Dissertation: Anthropic elements detection in Amazon Forest’s aerial images

(2006) Specialist degree in Web Software Development Link to heading

FURB, Blumenau, Brazil

Dissertation: Using constraint satisfaction algorithms to solve educational resource allocation problems

(2004) Undergraduate degree in Information Technology Link to heading

CEFET-AL, Maceió, Brazil

Research project on Software engineering

Languages Link to heading

  • Portuguese: Native
  • English: Fluent
  • Spanish: Basic communication, intermediary understanding